The Force Awakens

Star Wars Battlefront DLC details emerge – free content coming tomorrow

  When the Star Wars Battlefront DLC season pass price was announced everyone exclaimed that they could buy their own ship for that. Details were scarce until just before the game launched and publisher EA revealed the season pass would consist of four expansion packs that would add a total 16 extra maps. Coupling this with the promise of new hero characters, game modes and weapons, suddenly ...[Read More]

Star Wars Google Street View mod makes for bad flight sim

  We’ve officially hit peak Star Wars hype. By this time next week, The Force Awakens will be a thing that you can go see. You not doing anything that day? You could go and see the movie with your eyes. Well, if you can get a ticket, I imagine all the reasonable sessions have been booked out for months. That’s cool, I’m willing to wait and avoid those annoying people whoR...[Read More]

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