The Last Guardian

The Last Guardian review: I probably shouldn’t have pets…

Reviewed on: Playstation 4. Copy supplied by publisher. 11 years after the release of the artistic masterpiece that was Shadow of the Colossus on Playstation 2, developer Fumito Ueda has released his long gestating game: The Last Guardian. Trapped in development hell for many years and even thought to be cancelled at one point before making a grand return at E3 in 2015, The Las...[Read More]

The Last Guardian showcases what’s wrong with PS4 Pro existing

So The Last Guardian finally came out last week, and by some miracle it isn’t total garbage unlike most games that are in gestation for the better part of a decade (looking at you, Duke Nukem Forever). That’s not to say it’s brilliant, as it certainly has its fair share of issues from both a gameplay and a conceptual standpoint, but my time spent with the game hasn’t been a...[Read More]

You can watch The Last Guardian gameplay right now

Remember how The Last Guardian is a game that is definitely coming out next week? You know, that little game by Team Ico that’s been in development for nine years? Well, if you can’t wait until 7 December to get your eyeballs all up on The Last Guardian, you can watch the opening moments of gameplay in a new trailer. The footage comes from the Japanese version of the game, which was sh...[Read More]

The Last Guardian delayed until December

I knew it was too good to be true. The Last Guardian has been in development for so damn long now that even when they announced its October release date at E3 in June I said to myself I wouldn’t believe it until the game was actually in my hands. Well, my and many others’ hands shall be waiting a little bit longer, as overnight Playstation president of worldwide studios Shuhei Yoshida ...[Read More]

Tom’s most anticipated games of 2016

  I surprised literally nobody with my picks for game of the year 2015. What can I say, I loved Metal Gear Solid V more than most people. But with that business taken care of and a new year of games coming our way, it’s time to think about what is currently piquing my interest. Charlie already discussed the games on his horizon, and while there may be a slight cross over we both do seem...[Read More]

The Last Guardian gameplay trailer, E3 2015

– Tom Heath A gameplay trailer for The Last Guardian was debuted during Sony’s E3 presentation on Tuesday, effectively ending speculation that the game had been quietly cancelled during the four years since anything was publicly shown from the game. The seven minute trailer shows a young boy navigating a chasm using his dog/griffin pet to solve puzzles. The Last Guardian is being devel...[Read More]

LoadScreen’s E3 highlights

– Charlie Braithwaite Merry hype-mas everyone. So far E3 has been distracting a lot of people from work and making wallets preemptively weep all over the world. So without delay, let’s have a glimpse at our E3 highlights so far. The Last Guardian No wonder Sony kicked off their conference with this, the game has been in development since 2007 and was rumoured to have been mothballed last yea...[Read More]

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