The Division: New glitch lets you dish out damage in the millions

I feel like we’ve been here before. We have been here before haven’t we? When we’ve discusses how broken The Division is? Yeah, we have. Here are just a few examples. A new glitch allows players to amass damage in the millions. Yeah, it’s just stupid. To get it to work players need a weapon with the competent talent on it. They then need to open their inventory and go into ...[Read More]

The Division is about to compensate players affected by bugs

Were you one of the Xbox One players who had their Division character deleted after the recent 1.1 patch? Or one that fell victim to the backpack glitch, where upon crafting a high-end backpack you were locked out of your account? Well good news, Ubisoft is about to send some in-game compensation your way in the form of 500 Phoenix Credits and 10 of each high-end crafting items. On their recent &#...[Read More]

Why I exploit The Division

It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of The Division, I’ve been consistently writing about it since release and have sunk five days into the game. It’s also no secret that the shit has well and truly hit the fan with the latest 1.1 patch, which introduced some very exploitable end game content. By using the mobile cover glitch players have been able to break into the Falcon Lo...[Read More]

The Division: You can still exploit Police Academy

It was relatively common knowledge that prior to patch 1.1 in The Division you could exploit the Police Academy mission for loot and Phoenix Credits. To do so you had to deploy mobile cover in a doorway at the right angle, allowing you to slide along the cover and into the building. In the building there is a echo, and once activated it allowed you to cut the mission length down to just the final ...[Read More]

The Division: The worst thing imaginable finally happened

  To date I have played four days and three hours of The Division. Is that too much? Yes. Had I avoided shooting dogs that whole time? Yes… well mostly yes. You see, I have a confession to make. I should probably preface this by saying that I love dogs. I love dogs too much. The thought of shooting one in this game makes me feel physically sick. If I hear someone even joking about shooting a ...[Read More]

Some big changes are coming to The Division’s loot system

  The April 12 1.1 update to The Division is going to be the biggest the game has had yet. It will introduce the long awaited incursions and drastically alter several aspects of the game. Aside from new content, what is perhaps most talked about in this update is the changes to the loot/crafting system. A recent post on The Division‘s website outlines these changes in greater detail tha...[Read More]

The Division: Dressing for the apocalypse

  Tom Clancy’s The Division is essentially a long term hording exercise where players constantly grind for new weapons, gear and clothing. Keep that last one in mind, because clothing in The Division is something that can take you a long time to find, and the pay off is unbelievably underwhelming. None of the clothing items are particularly interesting, aside from a few pre-order exclus...[Read More]

The Division review: Come to the Dark Zone, we have loot

Reviewed on: PS4. Copy supplied by publisher. So there you are, in the centre of New York City with a really cool pair of gloves, you really want to wear those gloves, but because some tosser stood in front of you while you were shooting, you now have to fight a bunch of self riotous assholes screaming for revenge. You fight them because if you don’t they might steal your gloves, except afte...[Read More]

The Division: Make the Dark Zone great again

  A lot of players have been complaining that the Dark Zone isn’t scary enough and that not enough players are going rogue because there isn’t incentive. Well I can tell you right now, there is incentive, and that is to hunt the same agents down repetitively, and when the man hunt cool down is gone, chase them around the Dark Zone clapping at them like a rabid pack of wolves. Load...[Read More]

The Division: The roguest rogue you’ll ever see

Updated to include the original source.  Admittedly I have lost part of my soul and a large chunk of my life to The Division. Over 40 hours in I’m still finding new ways for the Dark Zone to terrify me, but this video below takes the cake. The video is from YouTuber Quasi sight, who we can assume is the coldest agent to have ever lived… by my count they killed nine agents and ultimatel...[Read More]

Werewolves Within brings the classic lie to your friends simulator to VR

For those who have never played it, Werewolves is an amazingly dark card game where you get to kill your friends in their sleep and then lie to their face about it. It’s a great way to never trust those closest to you again, having people you’ve known for over 10 years look you straight in the eye and lie without remorse is unsettlingly amazing. Well, good news! Now you can destroy friendships in ...[Read More]

Far Cry Primal review: BEES!?

Reviewed on: Xbox One. Copy supplied by publisher. Crouching in a dense Mesolithic treeline you slowly creep towards your enemy. They’ve eaten members of your tribe and attacked your village, this attack is going to be personal.  You look over your  weaponry to see which is best to take them down, at your disposal you have spears, clubs, a bow and a motherfucking sabre tooth tiger that you s...[Read More]

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