Until Dawn

2015 gaming highlight reel shows GOTY will be hard to pick

  There’s only three more (ish) weeks of 2015 to go, so we all know what that means: it’s round-up time! And what better way to do that then with a montage? In a similar vein to DJ Earworm’s annual “United States of Pop” mashups, whose most recent one was actually pretty average mainly because Justin Bieber released an album this year, YouTuber Tim Main creates &...[Read More]

Until Dawn: Rush of Blood is a ghost train ride at home

With Playstation VR being slated for release in 2016, we’re now starting to hear about the kind of games we’re going to see released for it rather than just tech demos showing off how silly we all look while playing in VR. At the Paris Playstation conference overnight, developer Supermassive Games revealed a VR follow up to choose-your-own horror game Until Dawn titled Until Dawn: Rush...[Read More]

Until Dawn binaural choose-your-own-adventure trailer

-Tom Heath Until Dawn was a game I rather enjoyed in a way similar to how I enjoy the films it was paying homage to. It was entertaining, often thrilling but never quite reached the level of terror I want to get from horror games; the level games such as Outlast, Alien Isolation and the original Five Night’s at Freddy’s do so well. And thanks to a new trailer released for Until Dawn, o...[Read More]

How to survive Until Dawn

– Karly Taylor  I don’t have the words in my limited English vocabulary to fully express how much I loved Until Dawn. I followed its progress from the time it was initially a first person PlayStation 3 game, to the gorgeous cinematic delight it’s become. The dramatic change became obvious in its E3 reveal last year, showcasing the intense SAW-like sequence between two of the eigh...[Read More]

Until Dawn review: 10 hours at Blackwood Pines…

– Tom Heath The adjective “cinematic” has become a dirty word when it comes to describing a video game. After all, games aren’t movies so why should a game be trying to be like a movie? Well, regardless of your personal feelings of the phrase, I am going to use it anyway because Supermassive Games’ Until Dawn is very much trying to be like a movie; a teen/slasher horr...[Read More]

Super creepy live-action Until Dawn trailer

– Tom Heath In anticipation of the game’s launch this coming Wednesday, PlayStation have released a live-action trailer for choose-your-own-horror title Until Dawn. As one would expect, it is creepy as balls. Titled “The Road Not Taken”, the trailer was made in collaboration with studio MoFilm and highlights the choice aspect in Until Dawn‘s many moments spent fleeing...[Read More]

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