Steam Autumn Sale is here to take all your money before the Xmas one…

  Steam sales are great, as we’ve covered before, and are one of the best things about PC gaming. They even help alleviate the pain from the hit your wallet took spending so much money on your sweet rig, before they go about taking all your money again. Well, the Steam Autumn Sale (this time called the “Exploration Sale”) has landed and is running until December 1 US time, s...[Read More]

It turns out Steam doesn’t exist in Australia

– Charlie Braithwaite As you may know the Australian Competitive and Consumer Commission (ACCC) are attempting to sue Valve (the company that owns steam and has a thing for not making trilogies). It has been over a year since the ACCC first took action against Valve, the issue being Steam’s lack of refund policy, which according to the ACCC breached Australian trading regulations. Well...[Read More]

In Memoriam: Portal

– Tom Heath It’s been a while since we have paid tribute to those we’ve lost over the years, from the death of innocence, the withering of nature, an individual’s personal genocide and the loss of my best goddamned friend. Well, we’re back at it again because there was one demise that we naively overlooked. It was giving us the eye across the bar, but through ignorance or just plain incompet...[Read More]

Gameplay released of the Portal VR demo

– Charlie Braithwaite Ask yourself something very important right now, is your PC virtual reality ready? If it isn’t will a VR demo from the Portal series make you want it to be? The Portal series is up there for its innovative gameplay, funny dialogue and exceptional character development (here’s looking at you creepy GLaDOS back story). Whilst many gamers have sat around waitin...[Read More]

Trailers that took over my life

– Tom Heath With San Diego Comic-Con happening over the weekend, we’ve been introduced to a whole host of trailers for upcoming films and TV shows. Most of them are shitty, low quality phone recordings from within the audience that make me want to gouge out my own eyes and ears, but nonetheless I want to see that first footage of Jared Leto’s Joker damn it! But one trailer stuck ...[Read More]

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