Skyrim VR review: I wanted to vomit on Alduin, but it’s still a great game

Reviewed on PlayStation 4, copy supplied by publisher. If you thought the only thing Skyrim was lacking was blurry visuals and an overwhelming sense of nausea, then you will be so stoked with Skyrim VR. Okay, maybe that sounds bad, but in reality, Skyrim VR is a pretty solid game. Sure, you’ve probably played it a million times already, but the world does benfit from the new perspective, eve...[Read More]

Skyrim VR Fus-Ro-Sucks, but it’s good on Switch – PAX Aus 2017

Skyrim hasn’t been allowed much rest, despite the game’s 2011 release, it will be receiving two new versions at the tail end of this year on PlayStation VR and Nintendo Switch respectively. Making the rounds at PAX Australia this weekend I was fortunate (or unfortunate) enough to check out both of the upcoming versions and compare them to the hundreds of hours I spent with the base gam...[Read More]

The future of gaming made me feel like vomiting

You know those bouncy things people occasionally stick their babies in? The ones that sit in a door frame, with baby in a harness jumping around? Yeah, you know the things! Have you also ever seen a dog try and run really fast on a wooden floor? Where they accelerate so quickly they can’t get any traction and are kind of folding in on themselves from slipping so much? Well using a Virtuix Om...[Read More]

PAX Australia will showcase VR with Omni Trackpads

VR has been all the buzz this year, with Oculus Rift releasing in March, HTC Vive with its room-scale tracking technology in April and Playstation VR dropping yesterday. We’ve got our hands on one of the PSVR sets here at LoadScreen and are in the process of reviewing it, but in the meantime you can see me having my little “OMG” moment before getting down to serious, objective re...[Read More]

Oculus Touch controllers price and release date revealed

In the VR market, the Oculus Rift has so far been the only headset available without any form of hand or gesture controls. The Vive shipped with two wand controllers and room scale sensors in its launch bundle and Playstation VR, coming out next week, is compatible with previously defunct Playstation Move controllers, allowing players to simulate touch within their VR experiences. The Rift has so ...[Read More]

On screen: Ubisoft announce Star Trek VR game

Make it so! Looks like there will be a new Star Trek VR experience warping onto PS VR, Oculus and Vive. Abruptly announced by Ubisoft owned Red Storm Entertainment, the multiplayer game Star Trek: Bridge Crew will have up to four players filling the shoes of captain, tactical, helm and engineering officers aboard the starship Aegis. We will see more of Bridge Crew at E3 during Ubisoft’s pres...[Read More]

Arachnophobia VR game comes to Steam, looks like pure nightmare fuel

Hello, my name is Tom and I’m an arachnophobe. I am a firm believer that spiders are the worst and nothing you can say will convince me otherwise. “But Tom, the scary looking huntsman spiders can’t hurt you, in fact they kill other, worse insects and spiders around your home!” Don’t care. If they want to do that, they can do that outside. My house has one rule and one...[Read More]

Vive launch trailer gives a unique demonstration of VR

  VR is hitting the gaming news cycle in a big way this past couple weeks, and I’m not just talking about that man who used a Gear VR headset on a Boston train, prompting discussion about banning the devices on public transport. No, the Oculus Rift and Vive have started shipping to the public; the days of VR are upon us. But one hurdle VR still struggles to overcome is conveying to cons...[Read More]

What the future of VR really looks like

  With news of VR hitting boiling point this year, it’s with little surprise that the technology has made its way into mainstream society. However, in the eyes of the public, maybe it doesn’t quite belong there… not just yet anyway. Commuters on a train in Boston were bemused by a passenger using a VR headset to game with his smart phone in a crowded carriage. The passenger ...[Read More]

Using HTC Vive to play non-VR games in a virtual cinema sure looks weird…

  It goes without saying that VR was a huge topic of discussion at the Game Developer’s Conference last week. For starters, Playstation announced the much-lower-than-the-Rift-and-Vive price for Playstation VR; along with Oculus demoing all the titles coming to the Rift after it launches at the end of the month. But another thing that various journalists got their hands on was a feature ...[Read More]

Werewolves Within brings the classic lie to your friends simulator to VR

For those who have never played it, Werewolves is an amazingly dark card game where you get to kill your friends in their sleep and then lie to their face about it. It’s a great way to never trust those closest to you again, having people you’ve known for over 10 years look you straight in the eye and lie without remorse is unsettlingly amazing. Well, good news! Now you can destroy friendships in ...[Read More]

VR race heats up as Sony announces Playstation VR event

  Virtual Reality has been a hot topic in the first two months of 2016 as the commercial release of the technology draws ever nearer. First Oculus announced the price of the Rift when preorders went live in January, coming in at a whopping $AUD1104 including shipping (base price $US599). Then earlier this week, HTC revealed their Vive VR headset will cost a similar amount of $US799 ($AUD1110)...[Read More]

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