Watch Dogs 2

Watch Dogs 2 review: Dangerous hipsters

Reviewed on PS4, copy supplied by Ubisoft. Kicking off with a retro interface and 80s music, one thing is pretty clear when you boot up Watch Dogs 2, it’s nothing like the overly serious and gloomy original. The predictable story of Aiden Pearce has been replaced with a tongue in cheek look at hacking, and it’s something that the series sorely needed to regain favour of the public. The...[Read More]

“Vaginas are the weed of video games,” says Jim Sterling (NSFW, obviously)

Yep, that’s a headline I just got to write. I love my job some days. Some context: you may remember Jim Sterling as the independent video game critic whose activities we’ve covered before here on LoadScreen. We’ve written about his crusade against microtransactions in full priced video games, an opinion I share, the lawsuit levelled at him by a developer whose games he rightfully...[Read More]

Watch Dogs 2 delayed on PC by two weeks

Well, this is certainly unheard of. I mean, a Ubisoft game’s PC version being delayed by two weeks compared to its console counterparts? This is certainly a first. Wait, did I say “a first”? I meant the other thing, what do you call it, “no surprise at all, since this happens to pretty much all their PC ports.” If you couldn’t tell from my sarcasm and the headli...[Read More]

All you need to know about Watch Dogs 2

As with most games these days, it took one leaked trailer and a load of hype before we got solid promotional material from a publisher. Well, you can now sigh with relief because that Watch Dogs 2 trailer you didn’t watch, because it would be unethical to watch leaked content (wink wink), is now officially out! So, here watch it again, but legitimately this time: Aside from more information ...[Read More]

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