We Happy Few

We Happy Few update toning down survival meters coming this weekend

We Happy Few arrived in early access last week and while the game shined conceptually many players, myself included, found the survival elements of the game to be outright terrible. The protagonist’s hunger, thirst and rest bars need refilling at an alarming rate, sometimes mere minutes after topping them off, effectively distracting players from the quests at hand and very quickly becoming ...[Read More]

We Happy Few shows promise but needs work

We Happy Few has been one of the more interesting games on everyone’s radars of late. How could it not be, it’s a dystopian, alternate 1960s, sci-fi game about people living a perfect utopia they’ve invented in their minds thanks to being so hyped up on a mandatory happy drug. Kind of like Bioshock meets the movie Equilibrium. If you’ve encountered both of those things, you...[Read More]

Games of PAX Aus: Fat Princess, The Desperate Mile and We Happy Few

We’re up to day two of PAX Aus and by this point we’ve had a chance to check out a lot of games. Here’s a quick run down of some of the highlights, lowlights and first impressions. Fat Princess Adventures The greatest thing about PAX is probably the most obvious aspect, everybody here loves games. This was really driven home with Fat Princess Adventures at the PlayStation booth. ...[Read More]

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