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“What the fuck does TIGYMHM mean?” you may have just asked yourself. Well, for those out of the LoadScreen loop, TIGYMHM stands for “those indie games you might have missed”, and it’s a feature where we discuss those indie games you might have missed… surprisingly.

bro force 4

The Bride is a total bro…. apparently.

On this installment I’ll be talking about Free Lives/Devolver Digital’s Broforce, because holy shit how did I miss this game? The answer probably lies somewhere in the realm of I was playing way too many other games at the time it came out. I mean, yeah I heard it was good, but I dismissed it as a game I’ll check in on later. And check in on later I did.

Initially released for PC in October 2015, Broforce debuted on the PS4 in March 2016, where it was one of the free PSN titles for that month. I downloaded it as one of the free games, where it sat on my PS4 untouched, until recently. In 48 hours I consumed the entire game. It’s brutal, fast, nostalgia filled and hilarious.

Over the top violence in 16-bit games holds a special place in my heart. And Broforce has it in abundance. You can literally make it rain so much blood and viscera that Kerry King would blush.


That’s a lot of human goo.

The premise is relatively simple. You control Broforce a team of bro/broette puns based off of iconic action movie characters. You fly around the world in a helicopter liberating countries because they aren’t quite American enough. It’s all satire, obviously, and it’s quite good satire at that too. Subtlety isn’t in this game’s vocabulary, through multiple attack types you take on terrorists, aliens, and Satan’s demonic hordes.

Scattered across each level are prisoners of war that you can save, each one is another member of Broforce and gives you an additional life on that level. Once you have rescued a certain amount of bros you unlock a new bro to join your roster. Most of the character roster are American icons, and even when they’re not they are somehow turned into them. For example Braveheart… or Bro Heart is draped in an American flag in lieu of a Scottish one.

This kills me inside.

“Thish killsh me inshide.”

Each bro brings something to the table with different ranges of weapons and specials. Some such as Brade (Blade) use melee weapons and others such as Brobocop (Robocop) use ranged weapons. Of course they all end up doing the same thing in the end, which is turn the enemy into bones and jelly. Enemy types are relatively varied, and there are a few bosses and vehicles thrown in for good measure. One of the biggest surprises in the game is when hordes of xenomorphs, face huggers and StarCraft style banelings flood the map. Yup, action nostalgia gaming aside, Broforce turned out to be one of the best Alien games out there as well.

Of course whether it’s terrorists or aliens you’re fighting, in the end everything crumbles to the might of your shimmering muscles, you just have to sacrifice a few bros to get there. Yes, your team will die, a lot. It’s just part of the course in Broforce. You don’t really need strategy or tactics, but you do need fast reactions, adaptability and an eye for weaknesses. This game well and truly falls into the category of an indie game that is brutally hard. Think Super Meat Boy and Hotline Miami. Expect to redo sections quite a lot before you succeed.

broforce aliens

They mostly come at night… mostly.

As for negatives, on PS4 Broforce did suffer from several loading issues and frame rate drops, which is surprising considering the graphics aren’t exactly taxing. There is also a complete lack of explanation in terms of mechanics. I didn’t realise until I had completed the game that you could recruit friendly soldiers wandering around the levels. You had to hit melee to give them a weapon… thing is, I didn’t even know there was a melee button (turns out it was triangle) because nobody told me. NOBODY TOLD ME ANYTHING!

Overall Broforce is well worth playing if you’re up for an addictive solo game and some competitive/hilarious online or local co-op play.

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  • Addictive and violent gameplay
  • Nostalgia value
  • Plenty of bros
  • Banging music


  • Serious frame rate drops on PS4
  • Long load times
  • Doesn't explain some features/controls


Broforce is an addictive indie title that you should check out if you haven't already. Not only is it filled with blood and explosions, but it also has enough action to make anyone feel completely jacked up and ready to high five the President of the United States.


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